Sunday, October 26, 2014

Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

I love Halloween. It's probably my favorite holiday, and I spend all month planning different looks I might want to try when the 31st rolls around. But you want to know the saddest thing? I've tried out umpteen looks throughout the month, and here I am, five days from Halloween, and I'm stuck in the same rut I always find myself in: I have no clue what to be for Halloween. I think the problem is that there are just too many options, and I always just want to try something new. But I still hate scrambling for a costume. And just in case you're like me, and have yet to be inspired, maybe we can help each other out. Here are some of the looks I've played around with: 

Daddy's Little Zombie
 Click HERE to see how to get this look.
Monster's Bride
 Click HERE to see how to get this look. 
Pop Art Girl
 Click HERE to see how to get this look. 
 Click HERE to see how to get this look.
Broken Doll
Click HERE to see how to get this look. 

What are you going to be for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Swatches & Review

I was so pumped when I heard Benefit was releasing a collection of their boxed powders for the holiday season. I've actually never tried any of their cheek products before (besides Watt's Up), and I'd been eyeing Rockateur for the longest time. Honestly, the only reason I never went for it was because I just couldn't get past the fact that Benefit cut off a significant amount of the product but still sold it for the same price (0.17oz for $28 instead of 0.28oz for $28). 

Wellll, for all of you who were like me, this set is such a steal. For $8 more than a single boxed powder, you get a full-sized Rockateur plus five other powders (each of the others average at 0.17oz as well) to try. I will say, though, my least favorite thing about this set, and the reason I usually steer clear from other Benefit sets, is I hate the packaging. Yes, of course it's pretty cute at first. But from a practicality standpoint, it's just way too clunky. I don't have enough room to accommodate this in my collection, and I sure as hell don't want to travel with it. I'll definitely be depotting these once I figure out what size palette I want for that. If you have any suggestions for depotting this palette, or want me to do an update once I've finished, let me know in the comments!
L to R: Watt's Up, Rockateur, Coralista, Hoola, Sugarbomb, Bella Bamba, Dandelion

Although I haven't properly tested all of these powders yet, I think it's safe to say that the ones I expect to get the most use out of are Rockateur, Dandelion, and Hoola. Rockateur is such an easy-going, goes-with-everything kind of rosy color. Love it. Dandelion is that perfect light-pink color that I think looks flattering on everybody. (It reminds me of a slightly lighter, warmer version of Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface.) And I've heard Hoola touted as one of the best contour shades. I have to say, so far, I agree. I'm pretty fair, so a lot of bronzers and contour powders can go a little orange on me; this one doesn't. 

As far as the other three go, I like using Sugarbomb as a highlighter, though I'm not blown away by it-- I prefer Watt's Up. Coralista and Bella Bamba are shades that I'm not too attracted to. The Coralista in this palette (I've heard it's different from the original) is quite sheer and has a high sheen to it. I might eventually use this as a highlighter, but for now, I don't see myself getting much use out of this powder. Bella Bamba, while a nice color, has too much glitter in it for my taste. I may get more use out of it in the summer, but for now, it's also on my "meh" list.  

What do you think of this cheeky set? Which Benefit powder is your favorite?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Battle of the Drugstore Deep Conditioning Hair Masks

I've finished off three drugstore hair masks, and wanted to have another little battles royal. Just so you can better judge my opinions on these, I have fine hair but a lot of it. I wash it every other day, and alternate between a regular conditioner and a hair mask. When I was using each of these, I used it exclusively as my treatment, meaning I did not alternate between hair masks, just the individual mask and my regular Pantene conditioner. Here's what I thought:

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle: First off, this stuff smells ah-mazing. Like coconuts. It also does a great job moisturizing. However, it only has one oil (jojoba), and I don't like the packaging. I prefer my hair masks in pots so I can easily scrape out every last bit. But! This is 8oz. And for only $3? I would definitely repurchase this. 

Neutrogena Triple Moisture: Of the three, this one did the best at conditioning my hair. This was the most expensive at $8 for only 6oz, but from this trio, it proved price corresponds with quality. It has three oils: olive, meadowfoam seed, and sweet almond. And it smells really nice; not as good as the Aussie one, but much better than the L'Oreal one. I would repurchase this one as well. 

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm: This one was fine. It did the job, but that's it. It conditioned my hair basically the same as a regular conditioner and didn't smell particularly great. Not that it smelled bad, mind you. Just compared to the other two, there's nothing really special about this one. It doesn't have any oils, but it does contain ceramide, which is supposed to combat breakage. This was the second-best value at $6 for 8.5oz, but is the only one I wouldn't repurchase. 

So if I had to rank these, I would say the Neutrogena one was my favorite, Aussie next, and L'Oreal was my least favorite. I'm currently testing out a different L'Oreal one that has six! oils (I love me some hair oil), so I'll let you know how I get along with that one. What are your favorite hair masks? 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

MAC Lipstick: My Current Top 5 Permanent Shades

L to R: Viva Glam V, Plumful, Vegas Volt, Twig, Rebel

I'm a sucker for MAC Lipstick. But who isn't? Props to you if you can easily walk away from those counters with the sleek bullets and hundreds of shades. I admire your willpower. My collection has slowly been growing, so I wanted to do this post before I can no longer pare down my picks to just five. Here we go: 

Viva Glam V (Lustre)

This is my go-to MLBB shade. I normally prefer cream finishes, but the fine shimmer in this is actually really flattering while still feeling perfectly smooth.

Plumful (Lustre)

This soft, pink-berry color is universally flattering and so comfortable to wear. If you're not a huge fan of the color-payoff of Lustres, try this one-- the color is pigmented and build-able.

Vegas Volt (Amplified)

I love this one for a punch of color, anytime of the year. It looks especially nice with a green/khaki eye. I love pairing this with MAC's Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow. 

Twig (Satin)

Ah, my cozy-sweater lipstick. This one is pigmented, build-able, comfortable, universally flattering, and goes with any makeup look. If I could only recommend one lipstick, it would be this. 

Rebel (Satin)

This color is perfect day or night, summer or winter. And the saturation is so beautiful, I don't even care that it stains the lips. 

What are your favorite MAC lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!