Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How To: Natural and Subtle Cut-Crease

I love the way a super glamorous cut-crease looks, but sometimes they're a little dramatic for everyday wear. So I wanted to do a really simple, everyday cut-crease. This look is quite soft and natural, and I used only the Lorac Pro Palette to create it.

If you don't have the Lorac Pro Palette, any matte eyeshadows in a white, cream, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown, along with a shimmer champagne shadow will do. 

1. Prime the eyelids. 
2. Place a piece of tape from the outer corner of the eye, and line it up with the outer corner of the eyebrow.
3. Take Taupe on a fluffy, crease brush, and blend it through the crease
4. Take Sable on a pencil brush, and draw a line just above the natural crease. Start from the outside and work in, so the darkest and thickest part of the line is the outer-most part of the cut. The line will get softer and lighter towards the inner part of the eye. 
5. Take Cream on a flat shader brush, and pat it all over the lid.  
6. Go back with Taupe and Sable as needed to darken the crease and cut, respectively to taste. 
7. Take Espresso on an angled liner brush, and draw a small wing so that it meets the cut. (Remember there's tape along the edge of the eye, so this will take care of forming the outer part of the wing.)
8. Take White on a flat shader brush, and pat this across the brow bone as a highlight. 
9. Take a little bit of Nude on the Pinky finger, and tap this on the center of the lid (right above the pupil if you're looking straight ahead) to highlight. 
10. Don't forget to remove the tape! 

I wanted to keep this look super daytime, so I didn't apply anything to my lower lash-line. All I added was a little mascara to my upper lashes, a little Tarte blush in Dollface, and I dabbed on a little bit of MAC's Creme d'Nude on the lips. 

If you wanted to take this look from day to night, all you would need to do is darken and intensify the crease and cut, smudge Espresso along the lower lash-line, and add mascara to the lower lashes. Of course, you could also pair this look with a bolder lip. Since the eye colors are all quite neutral, just about any bold lip will look good with this eye-look. 

Hope you enjoyed this look!


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  1. This looks fabulous and gives a very beautiful look to the eyes. Thank you so much for sharing the tips of creating this look. I would do it for the party tonight.