Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HAUL: Ulta, Mac, Hautelook

Well I've been doing a little shopping the past couple of weeks, and I finally got my hands on some cult products. 

From Ulta, I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and All Nighter setting spray, Benefit's Gimme Brow, and Studio Gear's Invincible Gel Eyeliner. I've never had any of these products before, but am really excited to try them. As you can probably tell from the picture above, I've already dug into the eyeliner. I must say, it is a gorgeous color (I got it in Lapis), and it is lovely to use as well. 

From MAC, I picked up two lipsticks in Plumful and Creme d'Nude. I've also tried these already and especially love Plumful--it's such a flattering, easy-to-wear color. 

Lastly, from Hautelook, I picked up Too Faced's La Creme Lipstick in Loganberry and Cinnamon Kiss. I can't resist a new lipstick, so I've already tried these as well. I love the colors, but I haven't worn them long enough to determine if I like the formula. 

I'll probably be reviewing a few, if not all, of these products, but be sure to let me know in the comments if there's anything in particular you'd like to see reviewed.  

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review

 I'm a little bit of a mascara junkie, so I was excited to hear Urban Decay was releasing a new one. I got my paws on a sample of Perversion, which UD claims to be "Bigger. Blacker. Badder." Perversion retails for $22, and currently comes with a sample of Subversion, a lash primer.

First off, I love the brush on this mascara. I'm all about a larger brush, and this one behaves so well. It deposits mascara evenly on my lashes and not at all on my eyelids. Also, the color really is as richly black as described. And finally, here's a mascara that you can open and love immediately without having to wait a week for it to dry out some (that is, if you prefer drier formulas like I do). 
Left: Bare lashes; Right: 1 coat top and bottom lashes
 After one coat, I could tell that Perversion definitely added length, and I love how rich the black color is. However, I didn't notice too much in the way of volume increase. 
Left: Bare lashes; Right: 2 coats top and bottom lashes

Now I don't normally wear two coats of mascara, but with Perversion, the second coat actually made a difference without going clumpy. It was with this second coat that I got the volume along with the length. I'm very pleased and impressed with the amount of separation the brush offers, even with added coats. 

The only thing this mascara left me wanting was some curl/lift. With the second coat, I did notice the weight made some of the curl fall. However, this wasn't too noticeable.

Compared to some popular mascaras, I have to say I like Perversion better than Tarte's Lights, Camera, Flashes, which I reviewed here. However, this is only because I prefer the brush on Perversion. I think both of these mascaras give the same look with one coat, and the only difference with two is that Perversion doesn't clump as much. 

I also like this better than Benefit's They're Real. Although I like the look one coat of They're Real gives better than one coat of Perversion, two coats of Perversion gives me that statement look that I go to They're Real for. But the real reason is the removal. The extra manpower I have to bring in to get They're Real off my lashes pretty much deters me from wanting to use it in the first place. Perversion actually washes off with just water.  

As much as I like this mascara though, I still prefer my HG, Clinique High Impact. 

Bigger? With two coats, yes.
Blacker? Definitely.
Badder? I'll leave that up to you to decide.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How To: Natural and Subtle Cut-Crease

I love the way a super glamorous cut-crease looks, but sometimes they're a little dramatic for everyday wear. So I wanted to do a really simple, everyday cut-crease. This look is quite soft and natural, and I used only the Lorac Pro Palette to create it.

If you don't have the Lorac Pro Palette, any matte eyeshadows in a white, cream, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown, along with a shimmer champagne shadow will do. 

1. Prime the eyelids. 
2. Place a piece of tape from the outer corner of the eye, and line it up with the outer corner of the eyebrow.
3. Take Taupe on a fluffy, crease brush, and blend it through the crease
4. Take Sable on a pencil brush, and draw a line just above the natural crease. Start from the outside and work in, so the darkest and thickest part of the line is the outer-most part of the cut. The line will get softer and lighter towards the inner part of the eye. 
5. Take Cream on a flat shader brush, and pat it all over the lid.  
6. Go back with Taupe and Sable as needed to darken the crease and cut, respectively to taste. 
7. Take Espresso on an angled liner brush, and draw a small wing so that it meets the cut. (Remember there's tape along the edge of the eye, so this will take care of forming the outer part of the wing.)
8. Take White on a flat shader brush, and pat this across the brow bone as a highlight. 
9. Take a little bit of Nude on the Pinky finger, and tap this on the center of the lid (right above the pupil if you're looking straight ahead) to highlight. 
10. Don't forget to remove the tape! 

I wanted to keep this look super daytime, so I didn't apply anything to my lower lash-line. All I added was a little mascara to my upper lashes, a little Tarte blush in Dollface, and I dabbed on a little bit of MAC's Creme d'Nude on the lips. 

If you wanted to take this look from day to night, all you would need to do is darken and intensify the crease and cut, smudge Espresso along the lower lash-line, and add mascara to the lower lashes. Of course, you could also pair this look with a bolder lip. Since the eye colors are all quite neutral, just about any bold lip will look good with this eye-look. 

Hope you enjoyed this look!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Top 5 Pink-Brown Lip Picks

I love a good pink-brown lipstick. Those MLBB (my lips but better) type shades are just so easy to wear, and they're really universally flattering too. I've included a variety of this shade, and I think all five will look good on just about any skin tone. 
Top to bottom: NYX B52, MAC Twig, L'Oreal Toasted Almond, Bite Beauty Musk, and MAC Viva Glam V
 When I'm not quite sure what lipstick I want to wear, or just want something that will look good with any eye-look, I always reach for MAC's Viva Glam V. This is a Lustre finish, so it is somewhat sheer, but the color can be built up. This has gold glitter in it, but feels quite smooth and almost moisturizing on the lips. 

 Bite Beauty's Musk is my perfect MLBB shade. The color payoff is similar to MAC's Lustre formulas, so it is somewhat sheer, but can be built up. This is one of the smoothest and most lightweight lipsticks I've ever used. This does not have any shimmer in it, and has a creamy finish. This is also moisturizing on the lips. 

 L'Oreal's Toasted Almond is slightly more brown than pink compared to the rest of the shades. The color payoff is more opaque than the previous two colors, but not as opaque as the following two. This also does not have any shimmer in it, and has a slightly glossy finish. This is not moisturizing for me, but also non-drying. 

I'm so in love with MAC's Twig. This is a Satin, my favorite finish from MAC. But aside from the formula (which goes on creamy, dries to a demi-matte, and is non-drying), look at that color! I think this is the perfect everyday autumn-color. It provides a beautiful wash of color when dabbed on, but can be built up to full opacity. Swoon

My last pick is NYX's B52. This is their creamy lipstick formula, and it is very true to name. This can be applied in the same manner as Twig in that lightly, it provides a wash of color, but can be built up to full opacity. This does not have any shimmer and feels almost moisturizing on the lips. Again, this is a great autumn/winter color.

What are your favorite MLBB colors? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Battle of the Pore-Cleansing Masks

I have oily skin. Sigh. Which means I know a thing or two about blackheads. So I wanted to do a little comparison of the three products I've been using lately to clear out my pores. Here we go...

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($7/8 strips): I have been using these for years. There are very few products that I love enough to repurchase since I love trying new things, but this is easily one of them. Come to think of it, this might be my most-repurchased item ever. I love this for those days when I just need some immediate gratification. With these, it's only 10 minutes before I can see all the little devils that have been ripped out of my nose (I know this might sound gross, but it's a great feeling). These strips are also made for the forehead, cheeks, and chin. If I could only have one blackhead-clearing treatment, this would be it. 

Mario Badescu Silver Powder ($12): This is one of the messier products I've ever used. As the name implies, this starts out as a powder. To use it, water is added so that it turns into a paste, and this is what is applied to the face. However, once this starts to dry, it turns back into a powder, and will start to flake and fall off the face. I don't notice any significant reduction of blackheads when I use this, but my pores do feel tighter. And there is always a thin layer of white powder all over my countertop whenever I use this. I won't repurchase this anytime soon. 

Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask ($24/3.4 fl.oz.): I love a good charcoal mask. It tightens my pores, helps with oil production, and can be used as a spot treatment. This mask does all of those things. Again, I can't see that many blackheads have been removed, but it does treat the other symptoms of oily skin. When I use this as a spot treatment, zits don't disappear overnight, but they do slightly reduce. So is this a holy-grail mask? No. But it's a pretty good one. I'll still probably try different masks over repurchasing this, though. 

What are your favorite masks for oily skin?