Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NYX Macaron Lippies Review+Swatches and Color Mixing Tips

I'd been itching to get my hands on the new NYX Macaron Lippies, and I have to say, I'm so glad I finally did. These come in basically all the colors of the rainbow, so for the colors offered, I guess you could say I played it safe with my picks. I grabbed the only 'normal' color--the pink, the darker of the two blues offered (the other being Earl Grey), the darker of the two purples (the other being Lavender), and the black. Besides these mentioned, there is also an orange, a yellow, two greens, a grey, and a white. These have a satin finish, a sweet smell (not unlike MAC lippies), retail for $6, and can be found at Ulta,, or
Left to right: Rose (the bullet wouldn't stay up), Blue Velvet, Violet, Chambord 
Top to bottom: Rose, Blue Velvet, Violet, Chambord
Rose: This is a very light, cool-toned pink. I noticed with this one that it is slightly patchy in application compared to the others, and the color needs to be somewhat built up to hide this fact. However, it is comfortable on the lips and does not stain them.

Blue Velvet: I suppose this is the craziest of the colors that I picked up. NYX describes this as an 'electric blue,' and I find it quite fun to work with. The formula of this one is very creamy and comfortable, but it will stain the lips.

Violet: Described as a 'royal purple,' I found this color swatched very similarly to Too Faced's Melted Violet liquid lipstick but comes off slightly darker on the lips (so if you're looking for a more inexpensive purple, this is a good option) This one was just as creamy and comfortable as the blue, but also stains the lips. This stain is a nice one though: kind of a rosy-purple that you could wear if you wanted to work up to the full, opaque color. 

Chambord: Simply black, this lippie is also creamy though maybe not quite as much as Blue Velvet and Violet. The color is also not entirely opaque, and needs to be built up to achieve that smooth-black color. This also slightly stains the lips, though not as much as Blue Velvet. 
Clockwise from top left: Rose, Blue Velvet, Chambord, Violet
Perhaps my favorite part of these lippies is mixing them. I haven't played too much yet, but I wanted to share two that I really like so far. 
Left to right: Rose over Blue Velvet, Blue Velvet over Chambord
I really like the kind of ombre look that can be achieved via mixing lipsticks, and I adore the one created by layering Rose over Blue Velvet. Since pink and blue make a lavender-type color, if you fully mix these two, you can skip the Lavender in the collection and just make it yourself! Additionally, while I've only tried the blue so far, I think any of these colors can be mixed with the black (Chambord) to darken them up a bit. While these lippies are fun on their own, I highly suggest playing around and coming up with more fun combos! 

While mixing the colors might not give you exact dupes of some in the collection, you can certainly get close since there are primary-esque shades offered. Here's my tip on the colors you can mix so you don't have to buy certain colors in the collection:

Rose + Citron = Orange Blossom
Blue Velvet + Rose = Lavender
Blue Velvet + Citron = Key Lime
Blue Velvet + Citron + Coconut = Pistachio
Blue Velvet + Coconut = Earl Grey  
Chambord + Coconut = Black Sesame

What this is demonstrating is that basically, if you don't want to buy all of the colors available, but want to be able to mix any of the colors, you'll want Rose, Citron, Blue Velvet, Coconut, and Chambord (pink, yellow, blue, white, and black). And if you have a magenta-red lipstick in your collection, you can mix with that instead of Rose in order to get more-traditional, secondary colors (orange, green, violet). In addition to any of these colors that you might mix, you can make them darker or lighter by adding a little Chambord or Coconut, respectively. Happy mixing!  


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