Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top 5 Coral Lip Picks

Well, it's heating up outside, which means it's time for coral lips (not that we can't wear coral whenever we damn-well please)! But for the sake of this post, we'll stick with the seasonal coloring idea. And so, I bring you my top five coral-shades for the summertime. 
Top to Bottom: MAC Razzle-Dazzler, NYX SMLC Antwerp, Maybelline Vivids Shocking Coral, Revlon Coralberry, MAC Vegas Volt
MAC Razzle-Dazzler
For you gals who prefer the lighter side of things, or just enjoy a spectrum, here is my favorite subdued coral. Razzle-Dazzler is a Lustre finish, so it is somewhat sheer but also moisturizing on the lips. With this one, I have to make sure my lips are exfoliated before I wear it since it has a tendency to highlight any flakiness. This is a great everyday coral or a nice lighter option to pair with a smokey eye. AND MAC just brought it back as a part of their permanent collection!
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Antwerp
 If you've seen my post on the NYX SMLC's, you already know about my love affair with Antwerp. This is more on the pinky-side of coral, and has just enough pigment that it packs a punch but is still (what I consider to be) an everyday-type coral. As the name implies, it dries to a matte finish and also has very good staying power.
Revlon Coralberry
 At first I thought this might have been a dupe for MAC's Vegas Volt, but it actually applies a little more sheer. So if Vegas Volt is a little too intense for you, or you simply like corals that lean a little more orange, this is the one for you. I have to say, I don't like the smell of Revlon lipsticks, but they are well-formulated for the price. This particular one is somewhat moisturizing on the lips and I can get about 4-5 hours of wear before I notice significant fading. 
Maybelline Vivids Shocking Coral
 First off, I just have to say that I LOVE the Maybelline Vivids line. Even though the colors don't always translate how they appear, they're still amazing colors. I wanted to include this one because, if you're like me, you might have seen the name and the color in the tube, and thought it would come out more orange-y than it actually does. This is definitely more of a pink on my lips and in certain lighting (although it does retain some of it's coral-iness in other lighting, swatched on my hand, and if I tap it lightly onto my lips instead of building up the color). Since this is the case, though, I think this might be one of those colors that shows up quite differently on different people depending on skin tone. Regardless, I still think this is a great, vibrant, summer "coral." 
MAC Vegas Volt
If you love Revlon's Coralberry but just want to amp it up, this is the coral for you. Vegas Volt is an Amplified finish, so it really packs the color without being drying. It has a creamy consistency with awesome staying power. When I want my coral to be a statement lip, this is the color I reach for without hesitation. 

What are your favorite corals for summer?

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