Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stila In the Know Palette: Review+Swatches

Now I love a shimmer eye-shadow as much as the next girl, but as I'm sure my fellow makeup-junkies know, it's always nice to have some matte options. Enter the Stila In the Know palette. This cardboard palette contains 10 matte shadows and a full-size eyeliner, has a mirror and magnetic closure, and can be found at your local Ulta or Sephora for $39. 
"When a woman knows, she knows" -Sarah Lucero
 Colors from left to right and top to bottom: 
Air: A creamy white
Wind: A light, peachy cream
Desert: A light, warm tan
Clay: A soft, muted rose
Earth: A deep, chocolate brown
Driftwood: A mid-toned brown
Fire: A burnt orange
Rain: A light, grey-toned brown
Smoke: A medium, cool-toned grey
Ebony: A pure black
Smudge Stick in Halfmoon: A matte, deep, blue-toned, charcoal grey
All swatched without primer, in same order as in palette with Smudge Stick on far right
All swatched without primer, in same order as in palette with Smudge Stick on far right 
So although these might appear as if they're a little chalky in the swatches, the powders are actually all quite smooth. They don't have that buttery texture that you'll find with the matte shadows in the Lorac Pro Palette, but these are still nice quality. And because these aren't quite as soft, they do take a little more time to blend than UD or Lorac shadows. While blending time still isn't crazy, the darker colors like Earth and Ebony do take more patience than the lighter colors. 

Let's talk color range. I love that all the necessary colors are here. There's nice highlight, transition, and even deep options. But while I do like all of the colors included, I feel like there aren't too many different types of looks that you'll be able to get with just this palette since Fire is the only variation on a neutral color. I would have liked to see maybe a mauve and/or olive color thrown in here as well. I think that would have made this a little more versatile. 

Pigmentation wise, these are fair. I do find that I need to build these up if I want the color to be like how it appears in the pan, especially with the lighter shades. Additionally, there is minimal to zero fallout with these shadows as long as you make sure to tap any excess off your brush before applying. 

As far as the Smudge Stick, this liner is easily one of the creamiest I've used. It glides on so nicely and the color is rich. What's more is, it gives you time to play and smudge it out, but when it sets, it sets. When I went to remove the swatches on my arm with a makeup wipe, it took about four passes to get the eyeshadow off, but after these four passes, the eyeliner swatch was completely in tact. I had to scrub to get it off. These retail for $20, making the palette a great value: If you're in it for the shadows, you're getting a free, full-size eyeliner. If you're in it for the liner and just want to try some shadows as well, it's a $19 palette. As a makeup junkie, I think that's pretty win-win. 
Get this look: Fire all over the lid, Earth in the outer corner and blended through the crease, Rain blended right above the crease, Desert as transition, Air as highlight, Halfmoon lining upper lash-line and Earth along lower lash-line
Overall, I do enjoy this palette. I wouldn't say this is my go-to palette for matte looks, but I do reach for it pretty often. I think this palette is great for those who want options for more work-appropriate looks, love matte eyeshadows, want to have all the essential colors in one place, or just love having good palettes! What are your favorite matte shadows? 


  1. Great review! Have you used the 'in the light' pallet? Im considering buying it but don't know how good it is

    1. Thank you! I don't have the actual palette, but I have the sample cards for the rest of the Stila palettes and I think In the Light is a great neutral palette. I'll actually try to do a post on Friday with swatches of that along with In the Garden and In the Moment!