Monday, May 19, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review+Swatches Part2

Here we go, round two! I just had to get some more SMLC's, and if you missed round one, make sure to check out those reviews and swatches here. If you're new to SMLC's, heres a quick overview: These have a creamy formula that are applied using a doe-foot applicator; they have great pigmentation, smell amazing (like cake batter), dry to a matte finish, stay on for an average of 5-6 hours without fading, and the best part? Only $6 a pop over at Ulta or on
Top to Bottom: Cannes, San Paulo, Ibiza, Addis Ababa, Prague, Copenhagen
 NYX describes this as a matte, muted mauve. I think it leans a little more rosy than purple, but it is a darker, brown-pink, nude color. This had one of the best consistencies of the bunch. It went on super creamy with full opacity, and I think it's a great everyday-color. 
 I really fell in love with this color. NYX describes it as a matte, deep-rose pink. I think that this is like the darker version of Antwerp. Both have that warm, yellow-y undertone, but this one is just a bit deeper of a pink, edging into red-territory while still being a bright color. So if you like Antwerp, you'll probably like this Ibiza well (and vice versa). This one is not as thick as Cannes, but is still has that creamy texture that the name implies. 
Addis Ababa
NYX describes this one as a bright fuchsia, and I have no complaints with this description. The only complaint I do have is with the texture. This one was by far the thinnest in consistency, and had to be built up in order to achieve opaque color. That being said, the color of this is really quite stunning (also quite cool-toned). I think it's a perfect summer bright.
San Paulo
 San Paulo is described as a plummy-pink, but I think the plum is very faint. This reads a little more rosy to me, and I think where Cannes is described as being muted, this would be the version of that with the volume turned up. So if you like one of these, I think you'll also like the other. And just as I think these colors are related, the consistencies are also. Of the six that I have here, San Paulo is in the top two with Cannes for creamiest texture and fullest color. Zero complaints with this one. 
 Ooh I love me a purple lip. NYX describes Prague as a matte merlot, but it definitely has some brighter, pink tones in the mix. Although Prague is slightly more purple, it is very similar to MAC's Rebel lipstick. The consistency of this one is much like Ibiza. It isn't thin, but it isn't the creamiest either. 
NYX describes this one as a matte, rich plum, and I really enjoy the color. I think this is a great vampy lip, and it makes me excited for the fall. Something else that I love about these SMLC's is that they don't bleed. I feel comfortable wearing a color this dark without liner because I know it's going to stay exactly where I put it. That being said, while I do love the color, I wish the consistency were more on par with Cannes and San Paulo. Copenhagen is closer to Addis Ababa, but since it's such a dark color, that makes it a little harder to work with. It is build-able though, so as long as you don't mind spending a little more time, this is a nice color. 

Overall, color-wise, Ibiza, San Paulo, and Prague are my favorites of these six. And if we throw formulation into the mix, San Paulo is the best of the bunch. And while Addis Ababa and Copenhagen don't have the best formulas, if you like the color, I don't think the texture is a big enough deterrent to not go for it. What do you think of SMLC's? Which are your favorites?  


  1. Great review, thx!

  2. You've convinced me that I need to give these a try. Antwerp is right up my alley but I'm trying to go for shades I don't already have. Copenhagen and Transylvania are in my basket as we speak ;)

    1. Yay! I hope you love them as much as I do!

  3. so adorable, especially Copenhagen.
    want to follow each other? I always follow back.

    1. Copenhagen is perfect for fall/winter!
      Definitely, I love your blog :)

  4. Hi! Did you apply these with the applicator provided, or with a separate lip brush?

    1. I applied all of these with the applicator it comes with! :)