Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Favorites

It's that time. To see what I used and loved the most during the month of April, keep reading!
Tarte Skinny Smolder Eyes in Azurite Green, $19 Sephora and Lorac Front of the Line Pro in Black, $23 Ulta
Now I love both of these products on their own, but this month I was loving them together. The Tarte liner is the creamiest I've ever used, and glides on smoothly with opaque, jewel-toned, turquoise color. The Lorac liner has a skinny, brush tip which makes for easy application, and has a rich, black color. The way I like to pair these products is to draw a thick line with the Tarte liner on my upper lash-line, and draw a thin line with the Lorac at the base of my lashes for a little extra definition.
Tweezerman Travel Slant tweezers, $14 Ulta
I finally got my first pair of Tweezerman's! And now I can say I understand why it's such a renowned brand. I'd been using a pair from the drugstore that worked extremely well for me, but I didn't know it could be better. These really grasp even the smallest hair, and I love the travel packaging, too.
NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie, $5 Ulta
If you've seen my FOTD post featuring this gloss, this one is not a surprise. I tried this gloss on a whim (since I don't usually care for glosses) and completely fell in love. The texture, color, and scent is everything I would want out of a lipgloss, and at $5, it can't really be beat.
Lancome La Base Pro, $42 Full Size
This is the best primer I have tried. I generally go for mattifying bases since I have oily skin, but the fact that this is oil-free is enough. I like it better than all the mattifying ones I've tried, and even Smashbox Photofinish and both of Tarte's Perfecting and Brightening primers. I still want to try Benefit's Porefessional, but I'm definitely considering purchasing the full size of this. 
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $12 Sephora
This is another product that's hyped for a reason. There's not much to say about this except that its hydrating claims are true. I use this primarily on my hands, and I love how quickly it absorbs so I don't have that greasy feeling. I've also used this on sunburn and it really helps to heal and prevent peeling. This is truly a star product.
Organix Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil, $8 Ulta
First, let me just say, this stuff smells AMAZING--it has a warm, floral-vanilla fragrance. And it works. I've been using this a couple times a week after I wash and towel-dry my hair for the past two or three months. Now I haven't cut my hair since November. That's almost six months, and my ends look totally healthy. I haven't seen even one split, and by this time, I usually would have. I have changed my hair routine so that I'm washing it less and deep-conditioning more, but I really think this product is helping to keep my hair strong. And with a price-point of less than $10, this is definitely something I'll continue to keep in my hair-care routine. 
Honeysuckle Bouquet Mason Jar Candle, $12.50 Bath and Body Works
This is the first spring-y candle that I've burned this year, and I'm loving it. BBW describes this as "sweet honeysuckle and pink peony with a touch of creamy vanilla," and honestly, it smells exactly like honeysuckle to me. I do think it is one of their stronger scents, though, so I can't burn this as long as I usually would, but the scent does fill up my apartment nicely. 

What did you love most in April?


  1. I can't follow your blog! :( it's very interesting!

    1. My notifications say you have, and thank you for following! I've followed you back :)

  2. How was the staying power of the Tarte liner? I tried another liner from them (the really skinny one), but it smudged pretty badly on me.

    You like medieval lit? I am wrapping up a class this semester on medieval lit! We should talk about what we've read.

    1. The staying power was pretty good. I did notice some minor transfer to the upper part of my lid by the end of the day (about 8 hours). However this has only happened with this green one (and the color's so great, I don't even care). I have four others (neutral colors), and I don't notice any transferring with them at all.

      And I'd love to chat medieval lit!