Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lorac afterGLO Eyeshadow Palette Review+Swatches

Every year I eye all the beautiful summer palettes, but always talk myself out of them since there's usually one shade that I'm worried I won't use and I tend to really simplify my makeup in the summer anyway. But when I saw this particular palette, I actually loved every shade included. And at $24 (compared to the usual $30something price tag) I couldn't pass it up. 

I love my Lorac Pro Palette, but I had heard that Lorac special edition palettes tend to lack in quality. When I swatched this in-store, I had to admit that the rumors were true, but the majority of the colors were still quite pigmented and I thought with the right priming and application, I could get this palette to work for me.

The packaging is very slim and sturdy with a snap-closure and large mirror. The colors in this palette aren't named, which is a shame since I usually look forward to seeing what different colors are called. BUT I do love the shade-range, so I'll deal with having to call these colors by their appearances. Sooo bear with me as I attempt to describe these colors. 

From left to right we have: a deep teal that is matte and nicely pigmented, a mermaid-green that is a shimmer and also nicely pigmented, a light gold that is a shimmer but gritty with poor pigmentation, a copper that is also a shimmer but has good pigmentation, and underneath it all, a white highlight shade that is matte with poor pigmentation. All of these colors except the gold apply very smoothly. Although some of these shades lack in pigmentation, they are build-able. 

From left to right: a radiant orchid that is matte with poor pigmentation, a chestnut brown with a satin finish and good pigmentation, a coral with gold glitter (doesn't really transfer) and a satin finish with good pigmentation, a medium-deep brown that is a matte with good pigmentation, and a light-pink pearl highlighter with decent pigmentation. All of these shades apply smoothly, and are build-able with the exception of the radiant orchid color--I can't get this color to be quite as bright as I would like. 

Although a little difficult to see, I have swatched the highlight shades under their respective sets of colors.

While the overall quality of these shadows lack compared to the Pro Palette, the majority is still quite good. Also, I really appreciate that in addition to the fun colors, a good transition color, a darker, matte neutral, and both a matte and pearl highlight shade have been included. This makes it easy to achieve a full eye-look using only this palette.

For the first look I've tried with this palette, I made sure to apply a white base (I used NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk). Then I applied the mermaid-green shade to the inner 1/3 of my lid, the gold shade to the middle 1/3 of my lid, and the copper shade to the outer 1/3 and slightly into the crease. Next I applied the radiant orchid shade all through my crease, and mixed the two highlight colors and applied that to my brow bone. I lined the outer 2/3 of my lower lash-line with the deep teal color, and placed the gold color on the inner 1/3 and around my inner-corner. Finally I lined my upper lash-line with a liquid liner, which I slightly winged out, and applied mascara. 

For my cheeks I used the coral color in this palette, and I actually really like the shade as a blush. To finish the look, I popped a little Maybelline Color Whisper in Pink Possibilities on my lips, and called it a day. 

Direct Sunlight
Away from sunlight
Overall, this palette is pretty fun to play with, and I'll definitely be trying out more looks with it, so stay tuned for that (see a week's worth of looks using this palette here)! What's your favorite summer palette?


  1. This is a really nice palette Miki!!~ The colors are so cute! I hardly ever use eyeshadow, but these colors make me want to :P
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

    1. I think this is a great palette to explore and play with if you decide to give it a go! If you do, definitely let me know what you think! :)