Sunday, April 6, 2014

Clarisonic Brush Heads: Comparison and Review

I got my Clarisonic Mia 2 ($150) about a year ago to help battle my oily, acne-prone skin.  Although she wasn't necessarily a miracle worker, I definitely noticed improvements in my skin.  My skin feels smoother, absorbs product a lot better, and is a little less oily (although my pores don't seem that much smaller).  I haven't completely stopped breaking out, and I still have stubborn blackheads in my nose, but I do feel like the Clarisonic helps minimize the frequency and severity of my breakouts when they do happen.

Since acne and oil are my concerns, I wanted to try the Acne and Deep Pore brush heads after giving the Sensitive brush (which comes with any Clarisonic when first purchased) a go.  All basic brush heads retail for the same price, so all three that I'm reviewing here are 1/$27, 2/$44, and for a limited time, 4/$75.  Since the prices have gone up since I first purchased my Clarisonic and these brush heads, I would definitely recommend snagging the 4/$75 while it's still available as it's probably the best deal we'll ever see for brush heads from Clarisonic. 
Clarisonic Mia 2 with (top to bottom) Acne, Sensitive, and Deep Pore brush heads
Acne Brush Head
 The very first thought I had after trying the Acne brush head was 'dayyyum this is a soft brush!'  And it retained its softness throughout the 3 months that I used it.  This brush is targeted for oily skin, and it was such a gentle clean.  The bristles are longer than those on the Sensitive and Deep Pore brush heads, and the surface area appears to be smaller than the other two brushes as well.  Additionally, the bristles appear to be more densely packed than the Deep Pore, but not as much as the Sensitive.  As far as controlling oil and acne, I felt like this brush did a better job than the Sensitive, but was not significantly better than the Deep Pore.  This is probably my favorite brush of the bunch, and I would definitely repurchase.
Sensitive Brush Head
 This is the brush head that came with my Clarisonic, and it did the job.  It made my face feel clean, and helped products absorb better.  It felt soft at first, but was not as soft as the Acne, nor did it retain its softness over the 3 months that I used it.  This brush is targeted for all skin types, and while it does a solid job, I don't feel like it is anything special, and will not be repurchasing.
Deep Pore Brush Head
 I actually took the plunge with this brush and bought the 4-pack before trying it first.  It seemed just as soft as the Acne brush at first, but did not continue to feel as soft throughout its 3-month trial.  However, I feel like the results on my skin were basically the same.  I do notice, however, that my skin feels especially squeaky-clean after I have used it.  This is targeted for normal to oily skin, and while I feel like it helps with my oil and acne, it is meant to flush out large pores, and I don't think it has really taken care of my blackheads nor tightened my pores.  Since the effect it gives is comparable with the Acne brush, I will definitely continue to use up my pack of these, but since the softness of the Acne brush was a little more comfortable, I will probably go back to those after I have finished using these. 
L to R: Sensitive, Acne, Deep Pore
L to R: Sensitive, Acne, Deep Pore
Have you tried any of these brush heads?  How do you think they measure up?


  1. Great post and really helpful! I got the clarisonic Mis 2 about a month ago and I do feel like the sensitive brush head isn't as soft anymore. From your post, I will be purchasing the acne brush because I also have acne prone, oily skin. Thank you!

    1. Glad I could help! I hope it works out for you!

  2. Great review. I just bought a clarisonic and I don't think the sensitive brush is soft at all! I don't have sensitive skin. My skin is pretty thick and oily so I was very surprised when it felt very harsh on my skin. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. I’m using Sensitive for 2 years already and I think it’s really what my skin needs. Even though acne was my main concern, I didn’t use the Acne brush head because I think it can make my skin irritated.
    ~Pauline @ Clarisonic Philippines

  4. Awesome post, I didn't know there were different brush heads for Clarisonics! After 3 months, do the brushs harden?

  5. I was thinking about getting the deep pore one but thanks to your guidance my choice is the acne brush now.thankyou once again.awesome post