Monday, March 31, 2014

Urban Decay's Electric Nail Polish Trio Review+Swatches

I was checking out at Ulta the other day, and this little beauty caught my eye.  I had heard about the Electric Palette being released from UD, but I didn't know they were releasing nail polish in the same line.  These retail for $12, and although they are mini-size, I think that's a pretty good deal (full-size is $15 a pop). 

L to R: Deep End, Goldmine, Woodstock

Deep End: A peacock, green-blue metallic
Goldmine: A gold, glitter top-coat
Woodstock: A neon-pink creme
Deep End
Deep End was the color I was most attracted to in this set, and it mostly did not disappoint.  It was surprisingly sheer, and I had to use three coats to get to the opacity seen here.  It also took forever to dry, which was annoying.  Granted, I'm one of those people who needs to touch everything as soon as I finish painting my nails, but this polish still dented even about 10 minutes after I had finished (That includes me trying to 'dry' them under cold water).  Despite these faults, the color is absolutely gorgeous.  And depending on the lighting, it will look more blue or more green.  I didn't use a top-coat, because I like to see the natural finish and how long the polish will last without one.  This polish was so shiny, I don't think I would bother using a top-coat anyway, and it lasted 4 days before I started noticing any chipping.  If you don't mind working a little harder for your manicure, this is a great color, but if you're feeling a little more low-maintenance, you might not be too fond of this little guy. 

Deep End + Goldmine
I honestly didn't think I'd like the gold glitter paired with Deep End, but it pleasantly surprised me.  I've been enjoying glitter as an accent on my ring and pinky-fingers, so that's what I did here.  This glitter distributes pretty well, and is nicely build-able if you're a fan of some serious sparkle.  I like how it enhanced the peacock effect of Deep End on my nails. 

Woodstock behaved a lot better than Deep End.  It went on just as smoothly, but I only needed two coats to reach opacity.  It also dried a lot faster, so no annoying dents in this manicure!  Although it looks pretty shiny in the picture above, it actually dried to a demi-matte finish.  This finish reminded me of the Formula X for Sephora Neon formula, but looks much better than those do (I've tried the ones that come in their The Twenty-Two set).  This also lasted 4 days without a top-coat before it began to chip. 

Woodstock + Goldmine
I really like how the gold glitter pairs with Woodstock.  I think it's a pretty combo, and I'm pleased that the glitter pairs well with both colors that were included in this trio.

Overall, I'm pleased with this trio.  I don't think it's necessarily a must-have, but I also don't feel like I wasted my money.  I enjoy all three polishes, and I think this set is a nice way to try out some UD polishes if you're like me, and haven't given any of the full-sizes a go (Or if you're like me in that you enjoy hoarding mini nail-polishes).  Have you tried any polish from UD?  What did you think?  


  1. Great post! Bummed about the slow dry time but love the colors.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'll have to make sure I have a fast-drying top coat on hand before I use Deep End again.

  2. love the pink and the glitter!

    1. UD did a good a job on the colors in this set! I was really pleased they included the glitter after seeing how well it paired with the other two, but especially the pink!

  3. I love this set! I had no idea they came out with more nail polishes. I totally need to get this. The pink and blue are so vibrant.

    May from La Vie en May

  4. love the color set! It's so neon :)

  5. Woodenstock looks like a nice shade! :)
    ~Pauline @ Urban Decay Philippines

    1. It's a fun one, especially for summer!