Sunday, March 16, 2014

Orly's Rage

When I can, I like to purchase nail polish in mini-form since I'm constantly trying new colors, and can never get through a full-size bottle.  However, as soon as I tried Orly's Rage, I realized that I probably could have gone full-size on this baby.
Here in small-size: $4 Original: $8.50

Rage is described by Orly as a rose-gold, foil, shimmer.  The foil-factor on this polish really is quite spectacular.  When you look closely, it appears as if there is super finely-milled rose-gold glitter suspended in a silver base. 

In addition to how beautiful it looks, it also glides on like a dream.  It is one of the smoothest polishes I have ever worked with, not at all streaky, mostly opaque with one coat and fully opaque with two, and dries almost instantaneously.  This truly is a no-fuss, out-the-door color if you ever find yourself in a pinch to get your nails done.  

Two coats

Because of how shiny it is, I don't use a top coat, and I still don't see any chipping for about 3-4 days (This is my third time using this polish).  I even went hiking/rock climbing on day 2 of this polish (today is day 3) and I still see zero chipping.  If you're a fan of rose-gold, this polish is easily my favorite, and I highly recommend it.
What colors and formulas have you been loving recently?

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