Friday, March 21, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review+Swatches

I got my first SMLC ($6) in Antwerp a couple years ago and was smitten.  It went on so smoothly, had great pigmentation, and lasted about 6 hours on me before I noticed any fading.  On top of that, it was pretty transfer-proof (hello, date-night lippie!)  For how much I love it, I don't know why it took me this long to go pick up some more, but I finally did, and wanted to share my thoughts. And don't forget to check out Part 2 for more colors!

Top to bottom: Antwerp, Amsterdam, Morocco, Zurich, Buenos Aires
 First off, when I swatched these on my hand, I knew right away which ones were going to give me a little more trouble.  Where I only needed one and two passes of Morocco and Zurich, respectively, to get these swatches, I had to build up Antwerp (although I'm pretty sure this is just be because I need a new tube), Amsterdam, and especially Buenos Aires.  However, when it came to the lips, the only one that ended up really being difficult to work with was Buenos Aires. 
Buenos Aires
 Because these lip creams are matte, any flakiness on the lips will be accentuated, and I found this especially to be the case with Buenos Aires.  This color is described by NYX as a soft coral, and is oddly sheer for a matte lip product.  It applied very streakily and this is after about four coats (I usually use two with these).  Easily my least-favorite of the bunch. 

 After Buenos Aires, applying Zurich was a relief.  This is what I remembered SMLC's being like!  A muted, dusty rose, this applied evenly, no streaks, only took two coats, and didn't show flakiness nearly as much as Buenos Aires.  This is a great everyday color.

 Ah, my beloved Antwerp.  Described as a mid-tone, yellow-toned pink, this color isn't translating quite as brightly as it actually is.  This one went on the same as Zurich, although I noticed it did feel a bit thinner.  Again, this could be that the formulation is actually just somewhere between Buenos Aires and Zurich but applies more like Zurich, or I am just nearing the end of my tube.  Either way, this remains one of my favorites.

 Talk about a statement lip.  Morocco is a bright, clean, red-orange and went on the smoothest and most opaquely of the bunch.  Sorry Antwerp, I think I have a new favorite.  Although I don't know the comparable wear time of these new ones, I have high hopes for their performance ability (I'll update this if I find later that the wear-time significantly differs from Antwerp).  As far as color and application though, Morocco is a must-have. Also--this is a dupe for MAC's Lady Danger! 

Amsterdam, a neutral red, applied very much like Antwerp.  It has that consistency somewhere between Buenos Aires and Zurich/Morocco.  Since this one followed Morocco, I wasn't blown out of the water by it, but it definitely a solid performer in the SMLC line.  

Of the five, Morocco, Zurich, and Antwerp (there's no ending our love-affair) are my must-haves.  Buenos Aires is the only one I wouldn't recommend, so I'm thinking/hoping its formulation is just a fluke in the line.  It definitely won't stop me from trying more colors!  Have you tried the SMLC's?  What are your favorites?