Monday, March 10, 2014

Nail Looks

Here are some ideas for really simple nail color combinations.  Please excuse my cuticles and enjoy!

(Follow Me on Glitter Nicole by OPI)

I think for how this first look appears, it is super simple to do.  I only used one glitter polish, and while mine is silver, grey, and blue glitter suspended in clear polish, you can use any color as long as it has a clear base.  All I did was pat, not paint, the glitter on my nails.  I started at the tip to concentrate the glitter at the top, and worked my way down to the base of the nail.  Then just repeat this process, or continue to only pat color on the tip to increase the gradient.  I usually don't use a top coat over glitters because I like the gritty look, but if you want your glitter extra shiny, feel free to add a top coat!

(I Don't Bite Sephora by OPI-base, Justa' Pinch of Glitter Sephora by OPI-accent)

One of my favorite looks--I wear variations on this look all the time!  For this, I painted two coats of the purple color on all of my nails except the accent nail.  On the accent nail, I painted one coat of the purple color, and two coats of the glitter.  The glitter is silver in a translucent, black base.  Because it's not fully opaque, I like to have a base layer of the color that appears on the other nails.  I find that even if it seems as though you can't see the color peeking through, it actually makes a huge difference for making the accent nail match the others while also standing out.  Again, since I used a glitter here, I didn't use a top coat on any of my nails since I didn't want my non-glitter nails to be shinier than the accent nail.

(I'm Wired Sephora by OPI-base, Read My Palm Sephora by OPI-accent)

Get ready to see this aquamarine color a lot--it's one of my faves!  For this look I painted two coats of the coral color on all of my nails.  Once it was completely dried, I placed a piece of tape diagonally across the middle of my middle and ring fingers.  Leaving a small gap, I then placed a piece of striping tape parallel to the scotch tape (It's handy to put the tape on your hand before your nails to remove some of the tackiness so it doesn't disrupt the base color).  I then painted two coats of the aquamarine color.  This step I did pretty quickly so I could remove the tape before the polish could dry too much.  By removing the tape before the polish dries, it prevents cracking and otherwise unwanted color removal.  Then just apply your favorite top coat, and you're done!

(Read My Palm Sephora by OPI-base, Wild Cactus Color Club-accent, Only Gold for Me Sephora by OPI-glitter top coat)

This one is pretty straight-forward.  Two coats of the aquamarine color on all but the accent nail, and two coats of the dark-teal color on the accent nail.  Then, one coat of the glitter top-coat on all of the nails.  I first tried this look with the glitter only on the accent nail, but found applying it to all the nails really pulled the look together. 

(Break a Leg Warmer! Sephora by OPI-base, Read My Palm Sephora by OPI-accent, Matte About You Essie-top coat)

This is the last time you'll see Read My Palm from me, I promise!  Anyway, this one is pretty similar to the one above: two coats of the grey on the non-accent nails, two coats of the aquamarine on the accent nails, and one coat of the matte top-coat on all of the nails.  I've found that if I'm unsure whether or not to mattify my nails, I always prefer the way it looks matte with this simple type of look.

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  1. Hey i really like your blog, but i can't really apply nail polish as much as i would like as i am Muslim and have to pray. Just a Muslim issue. But i like watching what you post. Keep it up.